T-TEK's Service department will help you maintain your equipment.

Replacement Parts

Replace worn parts or order spares to stocked. We offer an invaluable selection of controls, valves, gauges, and more.

Repair Service

Our service department helps you achieve product consistency and equipment longevity, through proper maintenance.

Technical Training

You've invested in high-quality hardware and software, but don't neglect your wetware! Employee education enhances your assets.

Field Upgrades

Start with one of our machines (or even one of our competitor’s) and modify its components to improve efficacy or safety.


A Service Legacy

T-TEK began as a field service company and our service department is built on those roots. Many of our technicians have more than a decade of service experience and have worked on a wide variety of production equipment by many different manufacturers.

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other services

T-TEK Material Handling Inc. provides world class service to help you maintain your equipment or improve your production efficiency. Proper maintenance is an important tool for production line consistency and equipment longevity. Call us with questions or for advice on your service needs. We have been able to help many customers over the phone saving a service visit!

Equipment Interface

HMI and Data Acquisition Support

Hydraulic Equipment Support

Palletizer Audits

Palletizer Pattern Additions

Palletizer Speed Adjustments

Palletizer Tune-Ups

PLC Programming

PLC Support and Back-Up

why choose us

By providing the best customer support available, we have built a customer base that is confident in our ability to meet any immediate and future needs.

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