Hybrid with Cartesian

A Cartesian/Gantry style pattern forming section mounted on our TE Series uni-frame for stability.

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Hybrid with Robot

Customers that demand the ultimate in package flexibility are rewarded by the T-TEK Hybrid Palletizer line.

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Remanufactured Palletizers

T-TEK has frames originally built by other manufacturers that were removed from active production lines. We will remanufacture these to suit your needs.

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Robotic Palletizing System

Difficult, repetitive or dangerous packaging and manufacturing jobs previously done by operators, can now be done with robots at a competitive price.

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TE Series

An in-line machine at a more economical price! The TE Series bridges the gap between robotic load cells and our TS Series palletizer without compromising our reputation for strength and performance.

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TS Series

The fastest, most capable palletizer in the T-TEK line of equipment: the TS Series is designed to perform at the highest level of efficiency, while minimizing operating costs. The TS Series is built to last!

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