TS Series

TS Series

Servo Controlled Palletizer

The T-TEK TS Series Servo Palletizer is the fastest, most capable palletizer in the T-TEK line of equipment. It is designed to perform at the highest level of efficiency, the lowest cost to operate, and it is built to last. The design and construction of each component is focused on meeting one goal: Quality.

Product Features

  • Servo controlled Apron and End Compression handle cases gently, quickly, and accurately across the widest variety of case finishes or wraps.
  • Servo driven Hoist for the most gentle handling of full pallets, shortest layer drop from apron to pallet, and the fastest pallet change out in the industry.
  • Regenerative Power Supply returns up to 40% of the energy used by the servos, resulting in an eco-friendly, energy efficient machine.
  • Lightweight composite Apron slats flex to avoid damage with a low friction surface for consistent control of shrink wrap cases.
  • Divider case slats use a case hardened pin to follow UHMW covered lanes to minimize wear and maintenance.
  • A wide variety of case handling components designed to form even the most complex patterns reliably.
  • Light curtains, door sensors, apron covers, and screens protect the operators while relaying diagnostic information.
  • High resolution touchscreen with extensive diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and shorten downtime. The screen includes striking visual images, comprehensive jog functionality, and a complete on-screen manual.

Product Description

The subtlety of high speed palletizing is T-TEK’s knowledge base. We have people that have been working on palletizing solutions for over 20 years that still actively help customers. Our ownership, our sales department, our repair parts department, and our field service department are all run by individuals having extensive field experience. Key staff members in production, mechanical design, and electrical design are also deeply field experienced. No company has a culture of field service on end of line solutions, as deeply ingrained, as tightly woven into the fabric of each and every department, as T-TEK does. T-TEK has provided many palletizing solutions to some of the top companies in the world. Contact Us to let us help solve your next palletizing challenge.

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