TE Series

TE Series

Efficiency In-Line Palletizer

The T-TEK TE Series Palletizer is designed to provide maximum value by including the essential components of the TS Series palletizer, the divider, the heavy duty hoist, etc. while allowing the customer to choose the options most important to them. These machines run at slightly lower speeds but Speed Packages are an available option.

Product Features

  • Servo driven Hoist for the most gentle handling of full pallets and the shortest layer drop from apron to pallet in the industry. The hoist drive train is the same proven gearbox, motor combination as our TS Series.
  • Lightweight composite Apron slats flex to avoid damage with a low friction surface for consistent control of shrink wrap cases. The Apron is the same as our TS Series Apron.
  • Divider case slats use a case hardened pin to follow UHMW covered lanes to minimize wear and maintenance. The Divider is the same as our TS Series Divider.
  • High resolution touchscreen with diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and shorten downtime. The screen includes striking visual images, comprehensive jog functionality, and a complete on-screen manual.
  • Light curtains, door sensors, apron covers, and screens protect the operators while relaying diagnostic information.
  • The TE Series frame is built as a single frame and is structurally strong.
  • A wide variety of case handling components designed to form even the most complex patterns reliably.
  • Options include:
    • Speed package: Incorporates the TS Series servo Apron and End Compression and the Regenerative Power Supply which returns up to 40% of the energy used by the servos, resulting in an eco-friendly, energy efficient machine.
    • Diagnostic package: Increase the diagnostic capability of the touchscreen to include most of the same messages and faultsof the TS Series.
    • Many other options available.

Product Description

The TE Series palletizer is the newest offering in our line of rugged, in-line palletizers. Customers have demanded an in-line machine at a more economical price. The TE Series bridges the gap between robotic load cells and our TS Series palletizer without compromising our reputation for strength and performance. Contact Us for a closer look at the TE Series and the options available.

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