Robotic Palletizing System

Robotic Palletizing System

T-TEK Material Handling designs and builds robotic palletizing and packaging systems. Difficult, repetitive or dangerous packaging and manufacturing jobs previously done by operators, can now be done with robots at a competitive price. Palletizing, case packing, depalletizing and order picking are just a few of the tasks now being performed efficiently on the shop floor by robots.

Product Features

Robotic palletizing is a great alternative to conventional palletizers if your packaging line requires:

  • Flexibility due to frequent product changeovers or unique patterns.
  • Multiple lines feeding a single palletizing line.
  • Small footprint due to limited floor space.
  • Performance of several simultaneous tasks, such as slip sheet or empty pallet placement while palletizing.

Product Description

Our robots can palletize your cases, bags, shrink bundles, pails or totes. In the right application, the robot can be used to place slip sheets & empty pallets, eliminating the need for dedicated equipment to perform these functions.

T-TEK designs & builds the robotic end effector and most of the auxiliary equipment, such as pallet conveyor and pallet dispensers. In addition, T-TEK represents and distributes for some of the top packaging equipment manufactures in the world. If your packaging line requires a case erector, stretchwrapper, automatic strapper or labeling; it can be integrated into the system.

We can provide turnkey solutions, enabling your project to be implemented with a single source of responsibility. This eliminates finger pointing and ensures smoother project implementation. T-TEKs highly experienced service team ensures your system will be installed and commissioned on time.

In the right application, robotic palletizing offers many advantages over traditional palletizers or manual palletizing.

  • The automation provided by robots can eliminate high labor costs, improve quality and accuracy.
  • Reduced downtime, due to superior reliability and simplicity of system design.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated accumulation lines upstream of palletizer.
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs. Robots require far less preventative maintenance to keep them running. (T-TEK can supply and recommend PM programs).

T-TEK has provided many palletizing solutions to some of the top companies in the world. Contact us for help solving your next palletizing challenge.

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