DP Series

DP Series

Servo Controlled Depalletizer

The T-TEK DP Series Servo Depalletizer is a robust, high speed depalletizer designed for rapid deployment of layers. The standard servo hoist uses the same long lasting drive train as our TS Series palletizer for strength, speed, and low maintenance performance.

Product Features

  • Our depalletizer drives the hoist with a high speed servo motor that allows rapid pallet change, accurate bottle positioning, with smooth bottle delivery.
  • The sweep head is also servo driven for high speed layer handling, accurate head to matt speed matching, and soft product release.
  • Regenerative Power Supply returns up to 40% of the energy used by the servos, resulting in an eco-friendly, energy efficient machine.
  • Load squaring side walls and doors retain product and reduce pinch points where bottles/ cans can hang up.
  • Layer position is double checked versus standard bottle height to position on every sweep using the precision servo encoder.
  • All electric pallet stacker with stacker full detection, warning indication, and full jog functionality.
  • Light curtains, door sensors, apron covers, and screens protect the operators while relaying diagnostic information.
  • High resolution touchscreen with extensive diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and shorten downtime. The screen includes striking visual images, comprehensive jog functionality, and a complete on-screen manual.
  • Available options include:
    • A separate sheet/ frame head to speed up top frame recovery and separation into unique bins.
    • A servo sweep lift door instead of air for smoother release of product onto the matt.
    • A partial pallet reject door to allow half pallets to eject without having to back full loads off of the load conveyor.

Product Description

Depalletizers have been part of the culture of T-TEK since we began in 1996 in the form of modifications and upgrades. Our DP Series was developed to put that experience into practice with features that most depals do not, cannot match. Our experience with servo drives and regenerative energy in pallet handling has been applied to depalletizers to create a bottle delivery system for the ages. Contact us for help solving your bulk product delivery issues.

Product Literature

  1. DP Series Depalletizer Brochure

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